Emilio Moreno Vaquera began his career in Organic Agriculture in 1995, with the creation of Frutas Biomova S.L.U. Being a pioneer in Extremadura. Emilio makes his profession of Engineer compatible with that of professor in a Secondary Education Institute.



It currently exports 98% of its production to the countries of Europe, and only markets the fruit it produces.

He´sThe farm, located in the heart of Extremadura, in Las Vegas Bajas del Río Guadiana (in the vicinity of Valdelacalzada, Badajoz) produce fruit from mid-May to October: plums, nectarines, peaches, platerinas, pears, and oranges. The fruits are cultivated following the three main premises of the most current Ecological Agriculture:

Applying the most environmentally friendly farming techniques, such as the control of weeds with mechanical and manual means, the contribution of the remains of mowing and pruning to the soil, the adequate separation between the fruit trees, and other non-aggressive techniques with the middle.

Phytosanitary control respecting living beneficial organisms, through the use of biological control of pests and diseases, such as traps, sexual confusion, a massive capture of insects, use of vinegar preparations and other natural compounds, …

Fertilization of the earth with a natural organic matter, such as animal manure and the use of vegetable remains, and mineral fertilizers. This ensures a fruit free of chemical residues and is indicative of a great intensity of flavor and quality.

The fields

The fruit is harvested at its optimum moment, after penectomy test and sugar content, it is taken to our own Horticultural Center, there it is packaged according to the buyer’s requirements, it is labeled with our own brand, and it is stored in our cold storage rooms, to preserve its characteristics, waiting for the moment of loading in a refrigerated truck (to maintain the cold chain), which will take it to its final destination.

With all this, we obtain the healthiest products and with their optimal value of vitamins and nutrients, as well as an unbeatable taste and organoleptic qualities.

The Farm

To assure the consumer that the production complies with the demanding international parameters of organic products, there are several regional, national and international certificates that guarantee our cultivation methods and our production. All our products have the guarantee certificate of the Guarantee Certificate of the Control Agency, according to European regulation 2092/91.

The Fruit

Safe food for our consumers:

– Collecting the fruit when it has an optimal value of vitamins and an exquisite flavour.
– Performing a previous penectomy and sugar test.
– Labeling with its own brand, authorised by the competent control body.
– Storing in cold rooms so that the fruits retain all their characteristics.
– Transporting the fruit in refrigerated trucks to the distribution centres.